The Hardest Words

The Hardest Words

We face a great deal of difficult moments inside existence. As we have raised your loved ones, dealt with company issues plus tried to be an upstanding citizen inside the path from youth to retirement, we have numerous moments you’re proud of. But anybody that has effectively come to their senior years also offers a limited relationships plus moments which they are not proud of too.

One of the toughest to points to acknowledge is the fact that we ever were incorrect. But the odds are which by this stage inside a lifetime, you are able to look back plus think of occasions whenever we did treat folks severely, where we were inside the incorrect plus were not honest or ethical or moral inside several aspect of existence. However inside the center of the struggle, whenever you do behave inside a shameful method, it’s simple to really receive past it, bury it inside a notice plus allow the passage of time wipe away which memory.

But the senior years are about over only trips to casinos plus sleeping till noon. It is moreover regarding reviewing the existence we lived plus cerebrating the joys plus successes we have had. However to be honest with oneself, you can not rejoice inside the superior without recalling those instances whenever we were the 1 doing incorrect as well as the folks we hurt as well as the damage that has been caused by the errors.

This is difficult to consider about yet because a mature senior adult, today is the time to determine in the event you will create which condition right or not. Facing your senior years is regarding placing a matters inside purchase to reside out the balance of the days with a peaceful notice along with a happy heart. And you may be not going to be capable to go to a grave understanding we did all you are able to to function as the standard individual we set out to be till we do what you are able to to fix the details we broke too.

In many situations, all which you need to do to solve a mistake we produced or to fix a broken relationship is to be ready to state the 2 toughest words there are inside the English code. And those words are – I’m sorry.

It will be a shame which might edge about a Shakespearian tragedy in the event you look back at the lifetime plus identify those broken relationships which were caused by the delight, a impetuous activity or a greed. Some of those relationships can be important to we plus to leave them broken because we move into a retirement years is much more than only a shame, it’s unimaginable. How do we go regarding suggesting the sorry plus suggesting “I’m sorry” to somebody with who relationship ended a extended time ago?

Perhaps the simplest method to accomplish this especially difficult piece of setting the matters inside purchase is to function by somebody whom will make it arise. Suppose which inside the young adult years, anything occurred inside the family finances plus we mentioned anything or did anything to hurt the brother that caused which relationship to die. Then, years from which event, which small financial squabble appears little plus far away. However the hurt of which broken relationship is painful to we each time we think of it.

It was we which caused which relationship to fail. We learn which whenever we look inside the mirror yet the delight keeps we from phoning a brother plus simply suggesting “I’m sorry. Let’s be family again.” However that’s what we wish.

So maybe another relative is of assistance. Another sibling can mend this family rift plus be happy to find which relationship restored. If you can call which sister whom nevertheless likes we plus nevertheless likes a brother, she can aid soften the hurt feelings plus function as the mediator between 2 hurt siblings whom desperately to be reconciled.

You may bet which a sister will be thrilled to function as the 1 to bring we 2 together. This really is only 1 illustration of the method to reach out plus state the toughest words ever to fix a mistake we prepared inside existence. It’s a method to reach out to this individual we hurt plus only state – I’m sorry.


who ever gives me the hardest words (not usually heard) the most will get 10 points. I am trying to learn a lot of words.

Like Chris Rock said “relationships are easy to get into but hard to maintain.” why is that? what causes many relationships to go down hill

14 Apr 2014, 4:17pm
by timq3dimensionscom

next year i’m taking the SAT for the first time. the only trouble i’m having is memorizing and planting all those SAT vocabulary words in my head. what is the best way to memorize vocabulary words u aren’t familiar with?


You know what I mean? Like try to define “irony” to someone. Or “Serendipity”. I know when something is ironic or serendipitous but I’d have a hard time defining its meaning to someone.

Anyhow, those are my two candidates–Irony and Serendipity.

what is something that can have a relationship, but not people. like something else that comes to mind when you think of the topic ‘relationships’ or even just when you hear the word what first pops into your head



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